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The first complete wipe which does it all, one product which can be used for a comprehensive cleaning of all external and internal parts of cars, motorcycles, scooters and boats. The unique patent of the “multi-phase cleaning ‘and the development of a special machine for the impregnation of Vulcanet wipes leads to the following impressive results


Complete body wash, even extremely dirty, and this, WITHOUT WATER

  • In total respect with the environment
  • Without spending of water
  • Ludic, because allows a frequent and fast maintenance, without appropriate dress adapted

A complete product, resulting from chemical high technology.

 After two years of research and laboratory tests on various types of bodies VULCANET was created. It is a woven, impregnated fabric which contains 15 different molecules. The manufacturing process and the formula come from an International Patent under N° 07.04121.



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  1. Ken

    This product saved me hours of washing, waxing and detailing. Its all in. I wash, wax and detail with a simple disposable cloth. Worth the money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no risk of scratches or streaks and the reasons are as follows:

Gentle wiping will capture all micro particles and dirt without any risk of scratches thanks to the special honeycomb structure of the fabric.
Formulation containing a lubricant which helps to prevent scratches.
Most importantly, unlike all products “without water” it is not necessary to rub as the Vulcanet formulation is extremly efficient and does not contain any abrasive elements. It is not a “dry shampoo”.

Vulcanet also works for interior plastics. However some simple precautions must be taken for the dashboard:

Do not apply when the plastic is exposed to high heat (evaporation risk and therefore application not effective).
Do not treat and then expose to the sun, the windshield acts like a magnifying glass and increase the heat.
Wipe well with microfiber after Vulcanet application.

Of course. While microfiber is used to shine and give a perfect mirror finish, it will gradually get dirty and it will then need to be washed. Simply wash by hand or in a washing machine, preferably at 40° C. Attention! Do not use fabric softener.

There is no silicone ingredients in Vulcanet formulation.

Yes it does. You can test it with a coin. Treat a part of the body and then put a coin on it. It will fall down and on the part which was not treated the coin will stay on. The same occurs when you pour water onto the car body.

Vulcanet cuts through grease easily. Simply apply face cream to the body work and use Vulcanet afterwards. Alternatively, use it on the rear wheel of a motorcycle where grease is always accumulating in order to see the effect.

For the first complete wash about 8-10 wipes will be needed. In a weekly maintenance 4 wipes will be sufficient.

For the first complete wash, a maximum of 4 wipes will be needed. In a weekly maintenance 2 wipes will be sufficient.

Vulcanet is committed to protecting the environment:

One car wash with Vulcanet represents savings of approximately 250-300 litres of water which is nearly a saving of 3000 litres of water saved per tube.
1 tube prevents of getting nearly 3000 litres of polluted water to sewer system.
10 Vulcanet wipes incinerated – 3 grams of ash.
Vulcanet contributes to the recycling of waste ( recyclable eco-label).
Eco friendly Vulcanet is manufactured according ISO 9001 standards.

Vulcanet not only washes but is also waxes the bodywork, protects it by leaving a dirt-repulsing and water-resistant film. Quick movements of microfiber cloth after a Vulcanet application heats four wax ingredients contained in Vulcanet and create a protecting film on the vehicle body.