Yafterburner Yaxle


The “Yaxle” Custom Front Axle makes your stock forks look completely custom by removing the big ugly stock unit and replacing with our clean, stylish unit.

The huge, stock axle nut and the protruding axle end are often an overlooked detail when customizing your front end.  Each “Yaxle” kit includes our precision CNC machined stainless steel replacement axle that is designed to accept any of our custom “Yaxle” end caps: Smooth / Domino / Speed Freak or Yafterburner… The choice is yours!

So when you’re tired of looking at that big, bulky axle at the end of your forks, let us help clean it up! The “Yaxle” is the best choice!

The “Yaxle” Kit comes complete with our replacement axle and your choice of CNC machined billet end caps in blackaccent cut or chrome finishes.  Feel free to click on the “Install Instructions” tab above the review and check out the “Video” tab showing a before and Yafter look

Please note model year when ordering.  Our YAFTERBURNER Yaxle is available in 25mm axle size for Touring models 2008-Present and 1″ axle size for Touring models 2000-2007.

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