Zeus Lock


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Protect your investment with our new patented dzus fastener protection system called

“Zeus Lock”. This revolutionary technology locks the bail of the fastener in position, by doing so it prevents the dzus fastener from rotating. A keyed door provides access to the fastener. When the door is closed, a raised boss on the back of the door makes contact with the head of the dzus, this prevents the fastener from backing out. By preventing rotation and limiting travel the dzus is locked in place and can’t fall out or become loose.

The keyed lock must be used to have access for saddlebag removal, this keeps thieves away and they will look on for an easier target. The door also acts as immediate feedback, when using the dzus, the door will only close if the fastener is installed correctly, therefore eliminating the possibility of faulty installation. This system can also be used with bolts and speed clips if you prefer vs. the original dzus fasteners. When using bolts, the door will still prevent the bolt from backing out since the door prevents that type of movement and will lock for theft protection. Each of the housings also incorporates forward and downward facing LED’s that light your bags up at night making it easy to find your stuff.

Kits are sold in 4 packs, so one lock for every fastener. The kit includes wiring, templates, and everything you will need for an easy install.

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